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Frequently Asked Questions:

How far in advance should I order a cake?
  • For specialty cakes, we need 2+ weeks in advance.

  • Standard cakes with varying colors and messages need about 1 week in advance!

  • We try to be flexible with last-minute orders but ordering in advance will guarantee your date with us! 


Do you offer sugar-free or gluten-free cakes? 
  • Currently, we do not offer any items gluten-free or sugar-free. 


How big are your cupcakes? 
  • Our “standard” size cupcake is actually TWICE the size of a "standard" cupcake, because size matters! 

  • We do not offer any other size. 


Do you use fondant on your cakes? 
  • Yes! We use fondant for cake details and sculpting figurines ONLY.

  • We do not cover our cakes in fondant.

  • All cakes are iced in our homemade American buttercream icing.

Wedding Cakes

Contact Ally about designing the unique wedding cake of your dreams.

Custom Orders

From birthday parties to corporate events, we will make your occasion even more special.

Order Online

Check out our sweet daily dessert selection. We offer cupcakes, unique treats, and our wedding tasting box.

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