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Sprinkling sweetness across Southern Illinois since 2011.


Hello! I'm Allyson Silvestre, founder of Cakes by Ally!

For over a decade, my team and I have been dedicated to sprinkling sweetness across Southern Illinois through gorgeous wedding cakes, clever birthday cakes, always perfect cupcakes, and other tasty treats!


I always say it's what is on the inside that counts! Yes, my creations are beautiful to look at, but they are also delicious! From the first bite to the last, I take pride in offering Southern Illinois decadent desserts that are picture-perfect too!

What started as a childhood hobby quickly turned into business plans and my dream career. I love baking for any celebration in Southern Illinois. My recipe for success is 1 part family, 1 part faith, and 1 part love.

Born and raised in Herrin, Illinois, I am proud to have my storefront in the heart of Southern Illinois where I can continue to sweeten my customers' lives.

Fun Facts About Ally

If you could be one of your cupcakes, which one would it be and why?
If I could be any cupcake I would be a key lime because it’s as close as you can get to a margarita. 


Who in your life is your favorite person to bake for?
My favorite person to bake for is my grandma Bettie. It’s a rare occasion she asks for something specific, but when she does I’m totally here for it. It’s most likely a lemon cake and no icing.


When did you realize that you fell in love with baking?
I realized I fell in love with baking when I knew I could make my desserts LOOK just as good as they taste. Baking and creativity go hand in hand and my favorite form of artwork is edible!


What's the story behind making oversized cupcakes your standard?
Our cupcakes are made larger than the standard size because - let be real - SIZE MATTERS. When you bite into something seriously delicious, you want to go back for more. 


When did you start baking cakes?
Baking and decorating started when I was just 17 years old! Watching Cake Boss and The Next Great Baker got my creativity flowing. My first custom cake was made for my mom's beach-themed birthday. (Don’t we all dream of being at the beach?) After that, I got orders from family and friends. Then soon after that, the public who had heard about my work started placing orders! 


What do you think is your secret sauce to this success?
I think the secret to my success is keeping the heart of Cakes by Ally top of mind. I’m blessed with an occupation that I love and in turn, get to make OTHER PEOPLES' lives sweet moments even sweeter. Desserts really do complete an occasion or “make it a party.” Ultimately, love is my secret ingredient.

Wedding Cakes

Contact Ally about designing the unique wedding cake of your dreams.

Custom Orders

From birthday parties to corporate events, we will make your occasion even more special.

Order Online

Check out our sweet daily dessert selection. We offer cupcakes, unique treats, and our wedding tasting box.

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